GrooveWebinar Review: Create and Monetize Your Webinars

GrooveWebinar review

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Are you looking for versatile SaaS webinar software to help you pre-record or host live webinars to effectively engage with your audience in an interactive and meaningful way?

With GrooveWebinar, you can host automated evergreen and live webinars and even stream your live webinars to multiple social networks like Facebook and YouTube.

Webinars are one of the most effective mediums for sales and communications to larger audiences, allowing you to condense your sales cycle into a shorter period than traditional methods like video sales letters.

You can also engage with new leads and turn them into potential customers in a much faster sales cycle. GrooveWebinar provides custom registration forms, automated emails, and analytics to help you understand your audience better.

Additionally, GrooveWebinar also makes it easier to host webinars without technical difficulties, allowing you to focus on creating resonating content. This GrooveWebinar review will determine if GrooveWebinar is the best platform for successful webinars.

Key Statistic: 86% of survey respondents said that they use webinars for marketing and that they run up to 150 webinars in a year. 57% said that they would run up to 50 during the same period. 

What is GrooveWebinar?

The GrooveWebinars app offers three different features: automated evergreen webinars, live webinars, and the ability to stream your live webinar to multiple social networks like Facebook and YouTube. Evergreen webinars are pre-recorded or automated webinars that can be played without any manual intervention. On the other hand, live webinars allow you to interact with your audience.

With’s latest marketing app, you can cut out the video sales letter format. GrooveWebinar lets you educate on how your product or service can deal with your customer’s pain points and sell to your target audience in the same breath.

GrooveWebinar Review: Pros and Cons

There are many advantages to using GrooveWebinar, but nothing is perfect. GrooveWebinar comes with the free suite of apps and has many features, but upgrading may be wise if you need more capabilities later.


  • You can publish up to three presentations on any webinar topic with a free account.
  • There are plenty of audience engagement options for better sales and customer experiences.
  • Recurring webinars offer flexible scheduling options.
  • The system integrates with GrooveSell and Groovepages and supports optimized sales.
  • The lifetime plan includes unlimited webinars without any limitations.
  • You can upload a YouTube video you already have using the URL and add online mp4 files too.


  • The Live, Meeting, and streaming options aren’t functional yet.

Why Should You Use’s Webinar Platform?

Why Should You Use's Webinar Platform?

Webinars have been popular for years and are a way to bring people together to discuss a particular topic and generate extra income. Fortunately, automated webinars exist because not everyone has the time to constantly host a new webinar.

Host automated or live webinars

Live webinars occur in real-time, while automated webinars are pre-recorded but appear live. Either webinar type is helpful for marketers promoting a product or service. Webinars not only make it easier to reach potential customers, but they can grow your business.

Still, why should anyone use GrooveWebinar to record webinars when other cloud-based software is out there? GrooveWebinar’s ability to integrate with other software in sets it apart. You can design a sales funnel, generate leads, and sell your content in a seamless experience.

Control lead generation for your business

For businesses to survive, they rely on lead generation, like email marketing, which helps them easily connect with potential customers. Interested individuals provide their email addresses to access your webinar, turning them into qualified leads. As a startup marketer, using this method can assist in creating your email list. GrooveWebinar facilitates this process and offers an easy way to follow up on leads without a sales team.

Build engaging webinars for better audience engagement

Hosting live webinars is a highly effective way to engage with your audience by addressing their questions and providing instant feedback. With GrooveWebinar, you can do this and more using a virtual webinar format. In addition, you can also use polls and surveys to gather feedback while gaining valuable insights about their needs.

GrooveWebinar Key Features

We’ve already hinted at some of the key features GrooveWebinar offers, but you can sign up for a free account without providing any payment details.

Make an easy registration page

Creating a registration landing page with GrooveWebinar is easy. It only takes a few minutes, and you can customize the design. You can send a welcome message and schedule reminders before and after the webinar event. You can also send a reminder that you’re live and when the replay is available for registrants.

A platform for hosting webinars

A platform for hosting webinars

GrooveWebinar offers a platform for automated and live webinar host options and the capability to live stream your webinar on several social networks to boost attendance. It integrates with other tools in and includes most of the standard features you would expect from a webinar platform.

Have automated webinars

You can use pre-recorded webinars, whether they are repeats or evergreen. Try using a previously recorded webinar or video to host automated webinars, even with a large audience. You can create webinars that will run throughout the day, week, or month while you’re busy with other tasks.

Have live webinars

Live webinars are the most commonly used type of online webinar for real-time audience interaction. As one of the most popular ways to engage with an audience, you only need a computer, internet connection, camera, and microphone to go live.

Stream live webinars to your social media platforms

Maximize the visibility of your live webinar by live streaming it on multiple social networks such as Facebook and YouTube. With GrooveWebinar, you can use other social platforms to reach a larger audience.

Hold panel discussions or meetings

We all know what Zoom is and how great it can be for hosting meetings or panel discussions. You don’t have to worry about setting up a Zoom call; you can host panel discussions, online events, or meetings within the webinar platform. Just invite your attendees, and you’re good to go.

Easy upload for your webinar recording

Easy upload for your webinar recording

Here’s where’s real power starts to show. Once you’ve recorded your webinar, effortlessly upload and post-process your recording. In addition, you can upload a video to GrooveVideo and use them at no extra cost.

Before, if you had the free plan, you had to upload a video directly on GrooveMember connected to Amazon S3 for video when hosting a webinar. However, free accounts can now upload their webinar video using YouTube or another URL location.

Schedule recurring or future webinars

Scheduling a one-time webinar is relatively easy, but if you opt for recurring webinars, you can choose the number of times it will replay. Be aware of your account type, though; the number of webinars you host daily may depend on your account level.

Use the information below to set up your recurring or future presentations:

  • To use the “Repeats” feature, select whether you want the event to occur every second, third, or fourth time on a specific day.
  • Set a recurring time for the days of the week (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday).
  • Select a starting time for when to start your webinars.
  • For the “Timezone” setting, you can choose your own or any other time zone.

Currently, the ability to create limitless live and recurring webinars is exclusively available to users who have purchased the GrooveFunnels Lifetime plan.

Add multiple presenters

GrooveWebinar also allows you to set up the presenter information for attendees to see. You can use this feature as an enticing tool to attract more attendees to the webinar by featuring the names of your presenters.

Set their user roles

Like most webinar software, you can assign roles and select from different presenter roles for your virtual webinar, including a moderator who can moderate the event before it starts, a presenter who will present during the live room, and a host who oversees the webinar tool and overall operation.

Add pertinent contact information

Add pertinent contact information

Lastly, you can add contact information to the webinar for your attendees if they have questions or feedback. This feature is beneficial if you want to encourage your guests to take action after the event.

Flexible scheduling for webinar attendees

GrooveWebinar has more advanced feature settings for managing webinar content based on a schedule. Not everyone has the same schedule, so you can set different times to accommodate everyone.

Using GrooveWebinar’s schedule settings to:

  • Set Instant Watch Replay – On the registration page, there will be an additional option called “Watch Replay Now.” This option lets your visitors view a replay of the webinar immediately instead of waiting for the next available session.
  • Use a Just-In-Time Setting – Some people like to be the early birds. You can enable this feature so participants can join the webinar a few minutes before the start time instead of waiting for the next available session.
  • Allow Late Attendance to Webinars – This feature aims to allow people to join a webinar already in progress instead of waiting for the next one.
  • No Webinars on Holiday – If you don’t want the webinar to take place on certain days, you can block any day of the year you choose.

Create polls

To actively involve your webinar audience, you can design a poll by presenting them with a question and multiple answers.

To actively involve your webinar audience, you can design a poll by presenting them with a question and multiple answers.

Host a live event (chats)

To make a pre-recorded webinar appear as if it was live, you can add pre-configured chat lines by downloading a sample CSV file and inserting the desired chat lines into it. However, for your automated webinars, users can choose to keep this option turned off and opt to receive questions asked during the automated webinar via their email.

Webinar features

Engagement can be tricky if you’re trying to reach a larger audience, but GrooveWebinar has your back. With GrooveWebinar’s unique features, you can engage with your audience using:

Here are some other ways that GrooveWebinar helps you keep your audience engaged:

Use Sticky Messages

Do you know those messages that stay at the top of the chatroom? GrooveWebinar has something similar. You can use them to highlight important points or share an encouraging message.

Hide or Show Attendees

GrooveWebinar lets you conceal the number of attendees; however, you can also choose “Dynamic Attendees,” which recreates a standard dynamic attendee curve. When creating this curve, GrooveWebinar uses data like the peak attendance and the peak time when the webinar will have the maximum number of attendees. Additionally, you can specify the margin percentage, which shows the dynamic curve. Lastly, you can set the decline time until the end of the webinar.

Use canned responses

Canned responses allow you to answer frequent questions during the webinar easily. You can incorporate them into your chatroom or Q&A to save time and ensure you don’t miss any questions from your audience. You can also use them to thank your audience for their participation.

Use file sharing

Suppose you want to encourage attendees to stay until the end of the webinar. You can offer them a free workbook halfway through or a slide deck during the webinar presentation.

Increase your webinar sales

Increase your webinar sales

Webinars are an effective medium for sales and lead generation. GrooveWebinar helps you increase high-quality leads by allowing you to use even more engagement features designed to induce impulse spending or encourage people to stay longer and increase the chances of a deal.

You can jump-start your sales by using GrooveWebinar’s additional features:

  • Use Social Proof Alerts – Social Proof Alerts can make customized pop-up notifications appear during your webinar. These notifications indicate an action such as a purchase, registration, or sign-up. You can leverage these proof alerts to motivate attendees to take similar actions.
  • Introduce an “Offer” During the Webinar – Use the “offers” feature to sell something during your webinar. For example, you can set a time in the offer when it appears and ends. To enhance the “offers” feature, consider adding countdown timers that coincide with your webinar timeframe to create a sense of immediacy.

Set up SMS texts and automated email reminders

In GrooveWebinar, you can send reminder emails before and after the webinar or use SMS notifications. You can use the pre-loaded email templates and modify the sending time and subject line. With SMS reminders, you can also create personalized messages and send them to the webinar attendees.

GrooveWebinar Pricing

GrooveWebinar Pricing - Premium+ Lifetime

Since GrooveWebinar is part of a suite of marketing apps, all the software falls under the same pricing structure. The Lite Plan is a free Groove account that is accessible forever. However, you can get more value from by investing in paid plans.

Pricing is live but subject to change at any moment. The available plans are: Lite, Start Up, Creator, Pro, Premium, and Premium+ Lifetime. At this time, still offers a four-monthly payment plan for unlimited lifetime access.

GrooveWebinar is also available for a Lifetime+ monthly plan where you can lock in your monthly price forever.

GrooveWebinar is also available for a Lifetime+ monthly plan where you can lock in your monthly price forever.

GrooveWebinar Help and Support

Groove’s weakest point is customer support; the platform offers a basic knowledge base and tutorials. In addition, there isn’t reliable email or phone support. Therefore, having a customer support system is essential for creating good user experiences.

Fortunately, there’s another option.

As avid Groove users, our GrooveFunnels.Reviews team offers free GrooveWebinar tutorials. Simply sign up for today using the links on this page and let us know by submitting the Get Started form, and we’ll reach out to schedule your initial training. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Promote Your Webinar with

GrooveWebinar is a three-in-one software that can replace EverWebinar and WebinarJam; it allows you to create and host effective marketing webinars. With the lifetime plan, you can use GrooveWebinar’s core features to make unlimited webinars and link them to GroovePages and GrooveSell.

Leverage automation by sending out custom email invitations to invite attendees, setting up proof pop-ups, and introducing offers during the webinar. With GrooveWebinar’s pricing plans, you can pick the best option for your business and budget. With GrooveWebinar, your business can make recurring webinar presentations with valuable content and offers. So start creating your next webinar with a powerful, automated presentation app.

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