GrooveMember Review: Host Membership Sites Online

This GrooveMember review will discuss the features of GrooveMember and how it can help you build a successful online business with passive recurring income potential.
GrooveMember review: Membership sites in minutes.

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Are you looking for an alternative to traditional learning management systems? Do you want to make money online by selling digital products gleaned from your knowledge, then GrooveMember is your solution.

It’s a membership site, and hosting platform that lets you create and sell digital products, online courses, and memberships. Plus, you can ensure your digital product or business stands out with custom domain integration for online school and membership portals.

The best part? GrooveMember V2 is out, and it’s better than ever. This version allows you to create a mobile responsive membership site for free, add multiple tiers, and even get your first 100 members for free. It also includes an intuitive dashboard that makes managing and creating content for your members more manageable.

This GrooveMember review will discuss the features of GrooveMember and how it can help you build a successful online business with passive recurring income potential.

What is GrooveMember?

GrooveMember is a membership site and hosting platform that helps you build an online presence with custom domain integration, secure member portals, and more. It’s designed to make it easy to create a revenue stream managing content for your membership tiers. Plus, with the recent GrooveMember V2 update, you can get your first 100 members free – so there’s no reason not to try it.

One of the best reasons to try GrooveMember is that it’s integrated seamlessly with other services, so you can use your self-managed domain name and customize your membership tiers. With GrooveMember, you can add to your sales funnel and turn your small operation into a thriving big business.

GrooveMember Review: Pros and Cons

Monetize your knowledge with high-impact memberships

With GrooveMember, you can create stunning membership sites and generate income. It’s mobile responsive, so your members will have a great experience no matter their device. In addition, GrooveMember is the perfect platform to host your courses if you’re trying to create comprehensive lessons and monetize your knowledge further.

Plus, it integrates with all major payment gateways, so you can start accepting payments immediately. However, there are still a few drawbacks to GrooveMember. Let’s discuss the pros and cons briefly.


  • As a free account member, you can create one membership site for free and add up to 100 members to that site.
  • GrooveMember’s free file hosting service supports PDFs, images, and audio files.
  • The course bundles allow for flexible configuration of access levels.
  • GrooveMember’s selection features stunning membership site templates and themes.
  • The platform includes standard features in learning management systems and membership site software.
  • The mobile-optimized learning system is suitable for on-the-go learning.


  • Certifications aren’t available and coming soon – no verifiable date.
  • Limited Analytics isn’t yet available but is coming soon.
  • You can’t create any other portals for different material types.
  • It’s missing quizzes and tests to grade students who use your course materials.

Why Should You Use GrooveMember’s Membership Site Builder?

GrooveMember is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to create and sell digital products, online courses, and memberships. It’s easy to set up and use, plus the updated mobile experience makes it easier than ever to manage your membership tiers. In addition, GrooveMember is a platform that allows you to generate revenue streams for regular income or sell your content in the form of experiences.

To help you decide if this learning management system is right for you, let’s talk about a few reasons why you should explore this system.

Turn Your Knowledge and Skills into Online Courses

Turn Your Knowledge and Skills into Online Courses

GrooveMember allows you to create comprehensive lessons using acquired skills and knowledge. You can generate passive income from anywhere worldwide by creating online courses on the platform. You’ll also have instant access to GrooveMember’s payment gateway integrations, making it easier than ever for your students to pay for their course materials. With’s integrations, you can create email marketing campaigns using clips from your courses to promote your content.

Use Ready-to-Go Templates for Fast Content Creation

Do you have the knowledge, but you’re slow to create content? GrooveMember’s selection of ready-to-go templates and themes can help you breeze through creating stunning membership sites.

Provide an Optimum Learning Experience You Control

With GrooveMember, you can create a free mobile responsive membership site and add multiple tiers for your members. GrooveMember also offers a great learning experience that you can customize to fit your specific needs and objectives. The platform includes features standard in learning management systems and membership site software. It also offers mobile-optimized online course capabilities.

GrooveVideo Key Features

GrooveMember has all the features and tools so your members can access exclusive content, products, or benefits based on your course offerings by paying a fee

GrooveMember has all the features and tools so your members can access exclusive content, products, or benefits based on your course offerings by paying a fee. Let’s dive into the most important Groovemember features.

Create a Secure Login Portal

GrooveMember provides a secure login portal, which can help you protect your membership site and its content. You can customize the login page with your brand logo to ensure it looks professional. Plus, GrooveMember allows you to create custom domains and set access levels based on the user.

This makes it easier to manage your membership tiers, login details, and create a default welcome email through GrooveMail; you don’t have to worry about coding. Still, you can’t host your membership sites or course lessons without a reliable platform. Fortunately, GrooveMember takes care of that.

Create Membership Sites With a Comprehensive Builder

GrooveMember offers a comprehensive builder to design, manage, and customize your membership sites. It also comes with an innovative page builder that can perform the following actions on your membership website site:

  • Create pages that are related to your membership site
  • Personalize the members’ login area
  • Choose your preferred branding colors

A membership site is similar to a portal, offering a more advanced experience by serving as a central hub with various courses available. You can create a marketplace like Udemy within the membership site by adding multiple courses related to the specific audience of the membership.

Membership Setup Wizard – Templates for Your Site

Creating your membership site doesn’t have to be complicated. GrooveMember offers a membership setup wizard to help you get started quickly. Within the wizard, you can choose from ready-to-go templates and customize them to your liking. Currently, two membership templates are available, and more will be added.

Additionally, there are page templates for both the login and post-login pages. A membership site created with GrooveMember also features a comprehensive set of content management and marketing tools.

Membership Themes

For further customization needs, GrooveMember offers themes, but there’s still a limited amount available now. You can choose from the following themes:

  • Light Colors
  • Custom Colors
  • Dark Colors

Create Your Course Outline

With GrooveMember, you can create your course outline from scratch or choose from the course templates already available. For making your course outline, follow this hierarchy structure:

With GrooveMember, you can create your course outline from scratch or choose from the course templates already available. For making your course outline, follow this hierarchy structure:

  • Module
  • Chapter
  • Lesson

If you’re trying to simplify your content, modules, and lessons are the main components you need. You can use chapters to organize a module with multiple topics.

Make Course modules

With GrooveMember, you can also create interactive content that will help engage your learners. The platform offers several ways to make the content more interactive, such as images, videos, audio files, etc. For example, you can use the platform’s video module to embed videos to create an engaging video course. You can also embed YouTube videos, interactive images, and PDF infographics into your course material.

Add in Chapters and Lessons

Once you’ve created your course modules, it’s time to add lessons and chapters(if you want them). Again, GrooveMember makes this simple by allowing you to drag and drop any content into the chapter list. You can also set access levels to determine who can access content, such as an introductory course for a free membership or premium content for paid members.

If your lessons are longer, you can split them into multiple chapters to save costs and make it easier for learners to digest the material. This makes learning more manageable and engaging for the learners.

Make Your Online Course With the Lesson Builder

Make Your Online Course With the Lesson Builder

With GrooveMember’s lesson builder, you can incorporate various types of content, such as videos, text, checklists, accordions, audio players, and download buttons with files, all in one lecture. Additionally, you can include images, embed html codes, and arrange these elements in any preferred order.

With the lesson builder, you can even adjust the access levels for each self-paced lecture within a course. You can also decide which lessons are exclusive to certain memberships and set the appropriate levels.

Add in progress bars

You can add progress bars to mark the completion of each course. Once the learners have completed the course, they can see a course summary. This makes it easier for them to track their progress and stay motivated.

Make Course Bundles

GrooveMember replaces Kajabi, Thinkific or Teachable in your marketing stack.

Content bundles are similar to membership access levels that help you determine how to grant access to your course content. Think of it like having a membership with different plans, such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You will create a course bundle for each plan and allocate access to specific modules and lessons within each bundle.

Monetize Your Course content with membership tiers

You can monetize your course content with GrooveMember’s membership tiers. These tiers allow you to price courses based on the access level of each member. For example, you can create a free tier to introduce your courses and provide a more accessible entry point for newcomers.

You can also create premium tiers to grant access to exclusive content, unlimited courses, or a bundle of courses at discounted prices.

With the membership tiers, you can adjust the price and settings for each new membership level. This makes it easier to customize your courses’ access levels and pricing structure, making them more attractive to recruit people and turn them into potential customers.

Host and Provide Access to Digital Downloads

With GrooveMember, you can host digital downloads, such as audio files and PDF documents. You can also provide access to specific downloads based on the membership level. This latest offering makes managing and organizing your content a snap. It also allows you to provide access to certain materials for free or premium members, no matter what sort of lessons you’re creating for your business.

Manage and Add Free Account Members

With GrooveMember, you can create and manage free accounts for your members. You can add new members without worrying about them paying for a membership. This free Groove account is beneficial if you want to create a community of members who can access your lead magnets. Also, if you’re trying to entice new customers, the free account option is a great way to do this.

Incorporate instructors and course members

GrooveMember makes it easy to add instructors and course members to your courses. You can assign instructors for each lesson, and they’ll be able to add their comments, slides, and videos. This functionality makes it easier to collaborate with instructors, which can help improve the quality of your courses.

GrooveMember Pricing

GrooveMember pricing

Since GrooveMember is a complex membership hosting platform and part of a suite of marketing apps, all the software falls under the same pricing structure. The Lite Plan is a free version of GrooveFunnels that is accessible forever. However, you can get more value from by investing money in paid plans.

Pricing is live but subject to change at any moment. The available plans are: Lite, Start Up, Creator, Pro, Premium, and Premium+ Lifetime. At this time, still offers a four-monthly payment plan for unlimited lifetime access.

GrooveMember is an excellent alternative to learning management systems like Teachable, Thinkific, and Kajabi. It provides an easier way to create and manage digital products. With pricing, GrooveMember is also available for a Lifetime+ monthly plan to lock in your monthly price forever. In addition, with a lifetime plan, users will get unlimited videos rather than only being able to host up to 5 videos with the free plan.

Monthly pricing plans

Groove Help and Support

While and GrooveMember constantly improve, the help and support options are Groove’s weakest points. The platform offers a rudimentary knowledge base and tutorials. In addition, there isn’t reliable email or phone support. Therefore, having a customer support system is essential for creating good user experiences.

Fortunately, there’s another option.

As avid Groove users, our GrooveFunnels.Reviews team offers free GrooveMember tutorials. Simply sign up for today using the links on this page and let us know by submitting the Get Started form, and we’ll reach out to schedule your initial training. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Create Passive Income Selling Online Courses for Your Brand

If you’re all about making money online with a membership site, GrooveMember is an ideal platform for creating digital products, online courses, and membership. The latest version of GrooveMember V2 offers more user-friendly features like custom website domain integration, multiple tiers, secure login portals to host digital downloads, and free account options to entice new customers. It’s the perfect solution if you’re looking for an alternative to learning management systems like Teachable, Thinkific, and Kajabi.

If you need help getting started, need a GrooveMember tutorial, or want additional support, our team at GrooveFunnels.Review is here to provide resources that can help you maximize real value from this powerful system.

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