GrooveMail Review: Email Marketing Done Right for 2023

GrooveMail Review - it is a great mailchimp alternative.

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Email campaigns are integral for any successful online business. Email marketing campaigns are one of the most lucrative strategies to bring high ROIs. Let’s see how GrooveMail stacks up in this complete GrooveMail review.

As demanding as email marketing can be, you don’t need software that adds complexity, confusing integrations, and extra costs to the whole sales process. Fortunately, that’s not what you get with GrooveMail; the marketing tool simplifies your life.

Whether running a small or medium business or enhancing customer engagement through constant contact with them, you’ll gain more email subscribers and bolster conversion rates. But as any beginner knows, managing contact lists can be arduous – this is where automated email marketing features are welcome. The market has numerous email marketing tools (think Campaign Monitor), each with unique pros and cons. In this review, we will discuss how GrooveMail may be the best email marketing platform of the future.

What is GrooveMail?

GrooveMail makes it effortless to keep your customer relationships healthy with its comprehensive email marketing CRM. The platform is ideal for a new small business owner as the dashboard is simple to navigate and understand.

Create personalized customer experiences by automating emails, sequencing messages, using form triggers, and SMS messaging. Top your efforts off with direct mail and social media integrations that make connecting easier.

GrooveMail Review – Pros and Cons

GrooveMail had many key features for marketers.

As a core app in the software, GrooveMail is consistently upgraded and modified to fit the platform’s needs. So, Groove markets its product as an all-in-one platform with some of the most powerful features. We must admit it’s pretty powerful, and in time, it will be one of the most formidable email marketing platforms.


  • Register for your free GrooveFunnels account and get up to 500 contacts.
  • Design various marketing automations for other Groove apps, such as GrooveMember and GrooveSell.
  • Instantly send out email broadcasts or easily schedule them to be sent later.
  • Generate email autoresponders when someone subscribes through a specific form or set up automation workflows to trigger an email sequence.
  • When someone opts into a designated form, they’ll automatically be added to GrooveMember and begin receiving content.
  • Elevate your forms to the next level by adding custom fields besides a first name and email.
  • Take control of your leads and email list with detailed analytics reports.


  • For free Groove users, setting up your own SMTP is a requirement.
  • The detailed analytics provided are limited when comparing competitors.
  • Best features and contact limitations are limited to Premium tier plans.
  • The Premium tier plan has a low email contact limitation considering Groove’s competitors.

GrooveMail Features

GrooveMail is your go-to marketing solution, providing businesses the perfect way to connect and communicate through easily created and delivered campaigns. Boasting many of the same features as ActiveCampaign but at a fraction of the price, this fantastic email marketing tool makes reaching out to your audience easier.

It has numerous features that help you effectively manage your customer relationships, including:

Use Pre-made Templates

Use GrooveMail email templates for fast workflows.

Unlock beautiful, professionally-crafted templates and make your mark in the digital sphere by email to grow brand recognition and expand conversions. With Groove’s template-driven process, personalize your branding with customized colors and fonts.

Users can easily enhance content by selecting varied layouts or integrating new components into unlimited emails. Plus, ensure every email renders seamlessly on all devices, whether they’re mobile or desktop.

Create newsletters

The GrooveMail app allows users to send email newsletters and establish an impressionable first contact with potential customers. With its drag-and-drop editor and seamless integration with GroovePages, get your campaigns ready without coding knowledge or experience.

Make attractive emails

You can easily customize the look of your messages using the email editor, embed images and videos into emails, and add social media links to boost engagement. Making a website or landing page with GroovePages is straightforward, especially by adding your signup forms. Need something simpler? You can craft simple plain text emails too.

Create opt-in forms

Though typical in most email marketing software, it’s a form typically placed on a website or landing page. It includes fields for a person to enter their name, email address, and other information. Subscribing to an organization’s email list is easy with the opt-in forms you can create with GrooveMail.

These forms are designed to collect essential contact information from individuals who wish to stay up-to-date on the latest news and offers. With GrooveMail, all forms are mobile-friendly.

Manage contacts, enable filters, and suppressions

Manage your contacts with GrooveMail's advanced features.

GrooveMail is a powerful marketing and automation platform that allows users to manage their contacts, filters, and suppressions. This makes it easier to list, organize, and manage your email contacts to efficiently facilitate your email marketing strategy.

You can also add a GroovePages contact form and connect it to GrooveMail. This allows you to think of GrooveMail as the Post Office where you can manage your mail options. GrooveMail provides an easy way for users to manage their contacts to maximize their email marketing efforts.

Create email and SMS campaigns

Creating email campaigns and SMS marketing with GrooveMail is a powerful way to reach your customers. With GrooveMail, you can create automated email sequences, form triggers, SMS messaging, and direct mail integrations. You can also use the platform to send bulk messages and track performance metrics. Additionally, you can use SMS automation software to send personalized messages to customers.

Create and manage your lists, tags, and segments

GrooveMail allows you to generate and customize your email lists and tags. If you want to differentiate your leads from customers, setting up individual list names for each group is essential. Segments provide a fast, flexible way to filter and eliminate leads.

Here are some of the segment triggers you can use to get started:

  • Subscribed to a list
  • Has a specific tag
  • Has filled out a form
  • Subscribed to sequence
  • Opened a broadcast

Create automated sequences

Send your email content using automated sequences.

GrooveMail sequences make it easy to combine email and SMS messages into one smooth sequence. Setting up email triggers is simple when someone is tagged, subscribed to a list, or opted into a form. Plus, you can customize the time delays between each message in your sequence with precision.

Enable conditional splits

If you desire to divide and target your contacts more precisely, Conditional Splits should be added to your email campaign. Groove’s lead management platform allows you to create individual rules that modify each contact’s experience on their unique journey through the sequence. With this personalization approach, each customer experiences an exclusive version of your marketing strategy just for them.

Marketing automation platform

With this automation tool, you can establish rules such as IF a contact acts in a certain way, THEN take the automation and takes the corresponding action.

Here are some examples:

  • a lead subscribes to a list
  • a lead unsubscribed from a list
  • a lead is assigned a tag
  • a lead fills out a form
  • someone purchases a product (GrooveSell)

The Groove team plans to add other automations and more features like subscribing and unsubscribing from sequences, adding affiliates, refunding a purchase (from GrooveSell), canceling subscriptions, and incorporating third-party software integrations.

GrooveMail Integrations

To be able to send emails, you need to configure your SMTP Driver. GrooveMail allows you to integrate hassle-free with Sendgrid, MailGun, SparkPost, and other SMTP providers.

GrooveMail can also integrate with third-party apps like:

  • MailChimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • AWeber

GrooveMail Analytics

Get daily data from your campaigns.

Email analytics are available for Broadcasts campaigns, contacts, lists, and email sequences. Like most other software, users can see analytics like:

  • Email clicks
  • Email opens
  • Recipients sent
  • Email status
  • Unsubscribes
  • Failed Emails

GroovePages Pricing

The Lite plan.

Since GrooveBlog is part of a suite of marketing apps, all the software falls under the same pricing structure. The Lite Plan is a free Groove account that is forever. However, the limited free plan doesn’t have enough to get the most value from Groove. Users will get the best value by far by upgrading to the Premium+ plan lifetime plan. It’s just one payment, and Groove is yours for life. 

Pricing is live but subject to change at any moment as Groove is still in the BETA stage. The available plans are: GrooveMail Lite, Start Up, Creator, GrooveMail Pro, Premium, and Premium+ Lifetime.

  • Lite Plan – Once you set up an account, you’ll have immediate but limited access to 500 email contacts, 2,500 emails sent monthly, one custom domain, and no third-party email providers.
  • The Start Up Plan – an upgraded plan that includes unlimited custom domains, unlimited pages, unlimited integrations, better video hosting, webinar hosting, and access to third-party email providers.

If you need to play around with all of Groove’s awesome features, the Start Up Plan is the best choice for a low-cost, all-inclusive plan considering what Groove offers users. For instance, if you want to start email blasts for your business using the Lite program, you won’t get email templates, branding capabilities, or be able to import contacts or any integrations.

The Premium plan.

Yet, as a paid user, you’ll get unlimited websites, free custom domains, and everything to create your ecommerce businesses with a solid online sales system. In addition, GrooveMail’s lifetime deal on the premium plan can send unlimited emails and the opportunity to have unlimited contacts.

GrooveMail Alternatives

GrooveMail isn’t the only email autoresponder on the market. Other leading competitors in this space include MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and AWeber. Each email marketing service has advantages and drawbacks, but GrooveMail offers a more comprehensive package.


wta mailchimp 1 GrooveMail Review: Email Marketing Done Right for 2023

MailChimp is a high-quality email autoresponder that offers robust features and tools to help businesses of all sizes grow. With its intuitive user interface, MailChimp creates automated emails tailored to each customer. It also provides advanced analytics and insights to track your campaigns’ performance.

MailChimp integrates with hundreds of third-party applications, allowing you to extend its capabilities even further. As a standalone email marketing platform, MailChimp has a more substantial infrastructure. Although, as one of the best MailChimp alternatives, GrooveMail has much better features than the MailChimp free plan.


ActiveCampaign's homepage.

ActiveCampaign is another market leader, highly praised for its powerful automation features and segmentation capabilities. This feature-rich platform offers powerful automations and features while providing robust analytics. It also comes with autoresponder software that works much like ActiveCampaign’s, making it an ideal alternative for those looking for something more affordable.

Overall, both ActiveCampaign and GrooveMail offer great features for businesses looking to get started with email marketing. GrooveMail still comes out on top due to better pricing and the number of features for its paid plans.

GrooveMail Help and Support

Groove’s weak point is customer support. The platform offers basic options such as a knowledge base and tutorials. However, there isn’t any email or phone support. Having a customer support system is essential for creating good user experiences.

Fortunately, there’s another option.

As avid Groove users, our GrooveFunnels.Reviews team offers free GrooveMail tutorials. Simply sign up for today using the links on this page and let us know by submitting the Get Started form, and we’ll reach out to schedule your initial training. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Is GrooveMail Good Email Marketing Software in 2023?

GrooveMail is marketing software chosen by over 500,000 customers. It offers features such as email automation, autoresponder, CRM, email campaigns to subscribers and customers, opt-in forms, and thank-you landing pages, all built in GroovePages. The software allows businesses to create effective campaigns that will help them reach their target audience.

It also allows users to manage leads, tags, segments, email automation tools, and more. With its intuitive user interface and powerful features, GrooveMail can create highly targeted emails tailored to each customer’s needs. Unfortunately,’s support is non-existent, but with GrooveFunnels.Reviews, you’ll get a comprehensive library of tutorials and resources to help you get started quickly. Overall, GrooveMail is an excellent choice for businesses looking for reliable email software that will help them stay competitive in the future. 

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