GrooveKart Review: Open Your Free eCommerce Store in 2023

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Is the word FREE or UNLIMITED appealing to you? If you’re a budget-conscious eCommerce and dropshipping store owner, there’s something perfect for you. Welcome; you’ve reached your destination with this GrooveKart review.

Have you heard about GrooveKart? This incredible platform is your one-stop shop for everything eCommerce: find winning products, build a custom store, upload images, use Groove integrations, and more. You can also use personalized domains to give your eCommerce business an edge.

With this all-inclusive solution, building success in your dropshipping operation has never been easier or more affordable. Best of all, it’s only one of Groove’s many apps. As a result, Groove provides businesses with the tools needed to maximize their marketing and sales.

This GrooveKart review will provide insight into this incredible platform and its many desirable features.

What is GrooveKart?

If you’re looking to build online stores and upload your products, numerous e-commerce platforms are available. However, success with a new ecommerce platform is difficult if it can’t automate tasks and allow time for marketing efforts. The solution? One of the world’s leading merchant platforms with all-inclusive and powerful app integrations specifically for selling physical and digital products.

GrooveKart is a revolutionary eCommerce platform that offers premium features at an incredible value. Unlike Shopify, there are no expensive apps to buy since all the essential elements come standard. So if you’re looking for a free ecommerce platform with more accessibility than Shopify – GrooveKart has you covered.

GrooveKart Review: Platform

GrooveKart is a high-quality e-commerce platform for anyone to start a store.

If you’re looking for legitimate alternatives to jumpstart your dreams of owning an online store, GrooveKart makes that goal more attainable. In addition to being able to sell tangible goods, subscribers get a whole list of standard and built-in features that you would have to pay for on other platforms.


  • GrooveKart is beginner-friendly.
  • Powerful, free native apps and features that will revolutionize your experience.
  • It has lightning-fast loading speeds.
  • GrooveKart is an all-in-one budget-friendly resource.
  • Leverage the power of the Google cloud platform.
  • Templates that empower you to create engaging web pages that look great on mobile devices.
  • A new checklist feature that helps you set up your store for the best customer experience.


  • There’s an unavoidable learning curve.
  • This platform is still in the testing phase with consistent additions and updates.
  • If you don’t have a premium account, you will be charged a store fee of 10% on sales.

Who is the GrooveKart eCommerce Platform?

Groovekart is designed to be accessible and user-friendly for all online sellers and merchants, regardless of experience level. With this platform, vendors can easily monitor their conversions while enjoying the benefits of a reliable eCommerce software solution – something other marketplaces cannot offer.  

GrooveKart Review: Key Features

GrooveKart review - GrooveKart has a lot of features that make it better than other platforms.

Selling products online has never been easier with GrooveKart. Its convenience and affordability make it a better alternative to more expensive platforms like Shopify. You can use this fantastic resource to sell products from Aliexpress or produce print-on-demand clothing; whatever you need, the GrooveKart platform has the right features built-in to the system.

Convenient Payment Gateways and low selling fees

GrooveKart stands out from its competitors by seamlessly integrating any top payment gateway in the eCommerce industry, including popular ones like PayPal, Stripe, and With the help of GrooveKart’s features and capabilities, you can accept payments without worrying about hefty fees.

You’re entirely in control over how your payments work and have the freedom to establish them according to your conditions. While there are 2% transaction fees when using GrooveKart, there is a 10% fee for sales made on the platform when using the free plan.

Offer multiple ways to accept payments to be more convenient for your customers.

The Creator Plan waives any store fees, plus you get some excellent benefits, but we’ll discuss those and more features in a bit. eCommerce store owners get the option to offer other payment gateways like:

  • Nuvei
  • Uviba
  • Card PMT

Online Store Builder

Use GrooveKart's checklist feature to set your store up quickly.

If you haven’t joined Groove, now is the time to move. This new e-commerce platform will help transform your business with improved marketing and sales practices.

One of the best parts about Groove is the well-thought-out and designed eCommerce app. GrooveKart has everything you need and more to create your customized store.

GrooveKart Studio

Create unlimited stores in GrooveKart.

With GrooveKart Studio, you can create your e-commerce store with no coding skills necessary. Its Webflow-esque, drag-and-drop editor is intuitive and has various content blocks, making customizing a dropshipping store straightforward. So forget spending hours figuring out how to code; build your store in an hour or less.

Furthermore, you can access various pre-made templates for product pages, sales funnels, embed checkout pages, and even entire websites. Customization is critical to online success, and GrooveKart offers easy ways to stand out.

Landing Page Builder

Subscribers can also employ the drag-and-drop editor whenever they need to build a landing page to pull in more leads. It’s user-friendly and lets you create the landing page your business and customers deserve. Plenty of high-converting templates are up for grabs if you’d rather not design your own GrooveKart theme.

Customizing the look of your store with your chosen colors and items takes a few tweaks, adding personalized content, and voilà! Then, it’s time to get ready for business. Feel free to customize the pre-made templates by adding CTA buttons, content blocks, opt-in forms, and other interactive elements.

The Product Design Tool

Edit your products and their descriptions easily.

Editing and customizing items is also a simple task. So, whether it’s a sweater, bag, sneakers, or something else, you can paste your logo and unique designs on your product. Make your product description edits and preview the changes on your own time.

In addition, GrooveKart dropshipping tool offers further flexibility for serious eCommerce store owners looking to offer Print-on-Demand. Finally, there are countless 3rd-party apps and high-value additions to GrooveKart that only require you to enable them free of charge. How many other eCommerce apps can say that?

GK Ali-Connect

GrooveKart is great for starting or migrating your dropshipping business away from Shopify. You’ll be happy to know that GrooveKart can sync with your AliExpress account. The Ali Dropship Connector is the perfect solution for dropshippers looking to save time when managing products and orders from AliExpress. In addition, this app helps you easily import product information into your store, allowing for seamless and hassle-free management of all your products.

By using this tool, you can confidently manage your business without stress. So, store owners get the peace of mind and convenience of AliExpress and the power and flexibility of GrooveKart with the GK Ali-Connect feature. In addition, customers can conveniently purchase directly from one of the most trusted digital industries without leaving your website.


Layer App is a Groove exclusive. No other platform allows you to drag patterns onto apparel for 1-off printing. Create custom clothing, apparel, and accessories like:

  • Men, Women’s, and Kid’s Sneakers
  • High Tops
  • Bowling Shoes
  • Socks
  • Tote Bags
  • Pillows
  • And more

Shop from GrooveKart’s vast selection of patterns and make your unique designs, either yourself or with the help of a designer. You won’t need to invest in any inventory upfront, as items are only printed once you’ve made a sale. So take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to create products that customers will love while looking like a big business.

And don’t worry about managing everything on the backend; GrooveKart automates printing and has powerful shipping features, so you can sit back and relax knowing it is taken care of for you.

Other Dropshipping and eCommerce Integrations

GrooveKart's 3rd party apps.

Groove’s unique features and integrations don’t stop there. GrooveKart also supports other eCommerce and dropshipping services like Printful, TeeScape, and Teelaunch for free. In addition, you can buy different app integrations like Dropified and Slingly.


Printful is an on-demand printing and warehousing company that helps people turn their ideas into brands. With Printful, you can create and sell custom products with print-on-demand dropshipping, get more return customers thanks to high-quality products ranging from apparel and accessories to home & living products, and start your store without inventory risks.

Printful also offers various services, including fulfillment, warehousing, and design services. With Printful, you can easily customize 400+ products and have them shipped internationally. You can also find helpful tips & tricks on their YouTube channel.


Teescape is an on-demand printing and fulfillment service for custom t-shirts and other apparel. It offers a custom Teescape fulfillment integration with Shopify stores to make it easy to add products and variants, complete with mockup images with your designs. Moreover, orders can be automatically printed and shipped out efficiently, allowing customers to get them quickly.

Teescape also provides white-label shipping to brand your packages as they arrive at customers’ doorsteps.


Teelaunch is a leading print-on-demand fulfillment company that helps entrepreneurs start their dream businesses without upfront costs. With Teelaunch, you can create and customize products with your designs and have them printed and shipped to customers worldwide. Teelaunch offers a wide selection of products, from clothing, shoes, and jewelry to home decor items.

Easy Import From Shopify

The Shopify migration menu.

Did you know that many store owners have upgraded their selling experience from Shopify to GrooveKart? With just a few clicks, you can transfer all your info without a headache. Photos, customer data, and product listings are included in this hassle-free process, allowing you to save time and ensuring that no information is lost during the transition.

Plus, syncing, configuring, and migrating GrooveKart to Shopify is quick and easy, making it the perfect online business solution.

eCommerce Product Settings and Optional Features

Another great feature of GrooveKart is its product settings and optional features. You can easily set pricing rules, choose a shipping method, review orders, and more. You can also enable features like product reviews, fraud detection, payment methods, and shipping options.

With GrooveKart, you don’t have to worry about squandering money on a separate customer service platform or ticketing system. The software has an in-house help desk that allows you to interact directly with your customers and immediately troubleshoot any issues.


Many users express frustrations that Shopify, WooCommerce, and similar eCommerce platforms lack built-in one-click after-purchase upsells. To remedy this issue, many resort to costly apps that may add an extra $60-$100 monthly in expenses. After customers have purchased a product, you can direct them to an exclusive page where they can purchase additional products with just one click.

Their payment information is saved, so the built-in feature facilitates upsells and saves your customers time and hassle.

Order Bumps

Do unlimited upsells and order bumps.

Unlock the full potential of your online business with Order Bumps. This incredible feature will help you generate more revenue per transaction, providing customers with a small checkbox at checkout that allows them to add additional items.

Consequently, when consumers finish the checkout process and submit their order, they can add a discounted item to their shopping cart.

Popular Sales Techniques

You can also add discounts to retail prices, create discount groups, or create recurring pricing for various products. In addition, users can also add optional goodies to their products to entice customers to spend more to gain higher value. For instance, if you’re selling an essential item like a pair of jeans, you could create a bundle group with that item and set an overall discount for the entire bundle.

Furthermore, users can add Custom Fields so that customers can use them to add personalization requests to their items if that’s a service your GrooveKart dropshipping store offers. Finally, when you want to make more money, generating more revenue from your dropshipping store is easy when you leverage the power of scarcity and urgency tactics.

GrooveKart seamlessly integrates scarcity and urgency features into your online store checkout pages, enabling you to increase conversions within the native app.


You may think that’s it, but GrooveKart can even utilize Groove’s social media integrations to show reviews for your products. This encourages customers to purchase from you instead of buying from your competitors. Social Proof is another popular sales technique with most online businesses, especially eCommerce stores.

You may have used it before yourself, or at least noticed the little pop-ups in the corner of some websites that say “(Person) from (Place) just bought this product.” Groove uses the GrooveProof widget to show off your verified reviews. The app is built-in, and once enabled, you can display proof of social validation.

Reviews Manager

GrooveKart has an incredibly convenient Reviews Manager feature so you can manage what your customers say. You can show off those reviews, integrate them with GrooveProof, and reply directly from within your GrooveKart account – it’s never been easier.

Marketing, Automations, and Tools

Elevate your marketing goals with GrooveKart’s comprehensive sales funnels with analytics intelligence to help plan customers’ buying paths. A complete set of social media tools is also available, including pop-ups for various social networks to engage them.

Subsequently, you can connect this platform to the most widely used marketing automation tools, MailChimp and Zapier. You can access and view a comprehensive list of analytics and provide reports to your partners or to help you identify what your customers want. With GrooveKart’s dedicated analytics, you can make data-driven and sensible decisions about the future of your eCommerce business.

GrooveKart Review: Pricing

The Lite plan pricing.

Since GrooveKart is part of a suite of marketing apps, all the software falls under the same pricing structure. The Lite Plan is a free Groove account that is accessible forever. However, you can get more value from Groove by investing in paid plans.

Users will get the best deal by upgrading to the Premium+ plan lifetime plan. It’s just one payment, and Groove is yours for life.

Pricing is live but subject to change at any moment as Groove is still in the BETA stage. The available plans are: Lite, Start Up, Creator, Pro, Premium, and Premium+ Lifetime.

  • Lite Plan – Once you set up an account, you’ll have immediate access to 500 email contacts, 2,500 emails sent monthly, one custom domain, and no third-party email providers.
  • Creator Plan – Once you set up an account, you’ll have immediate access to 5,000 email contacts, 50,000 emails sent monthly, one custom domain, and no third-party email providers. Store fees are also waived with this plan.
  • Start Up Plan – an upgraded plan that includes unlimited custom domains, unlimited pages, unlimited integrations, better video hosting, webinar hosting, and access to third-party email providers.
The Premium+ plan pricing.

If you need to play around with all of Groove’s excellent features, the Start Up Plan is the best choice for a low-cost, all-inclusive plan considering what Groove offers users.

GrooveKart Alternatives

The GrooveKart free plan is limited, but the paid plans offer great value compared to its competitors. As a result, GrooveKart is our top recommended eCommerce platform.

If you’re looking for storefront ecommerce alternatives, here are some leading platforms you should consider. Shopify and WooCommerce are some popular eCommerce platforms. However, they don’t provide the same range of features as GrooveKart.


Shopify homepage.

When comparing GrooveKart and Shopify, the clear winner is GrooveKart. Not only does this e-commerce platform provide equal effectiveness to that of Shopify, but its functionalities exceed those found on any other eCommerce platform.

Not only is GrooveKart more affordable than Shopify, but all its applications are included at no extra cost. So why pay more when you can get everything with GrooveKart?


The WooCommerce homepage.

Kickstart and manage your eCommerce business with the super easy WooCommerce. You don’t have to register a separate account since it is an extension of WordPress. Plus, you can get all set up in no time – follow a few simple steps to complete integrations with payment processors, autoresponders, or any other service you may need for your venture.

When it comes to quickly and easily creating an online store, WooCommerce is a great solution. However, GrooveKart is simpler for those just getting started and the most cost-effective option with a limited dropshipping budget.

GrooveKart Reviews: Help and Support

Groove’s weak point is customer support; the platform offers basic options such as a knowledge base and tutorials. In addition, there isn’t reliable email or phone support. Having a customer support system is essential for creating a good user experience.

Fortunately, there’s another option.

As avid Groove users, our GrooveFunnels.Reviews team offers free GrooveKart tutorials. Simply sign up for today using the links on this page and let us know by submitting the Get Started form, and we’ll reach out to schedule your initial training. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Is Your GrooveKart Store Comparable to Other e-Commerce Platforms?

Yes, absolutely! GrooveKart is a strong contender when it comes to online e-commerce stores. It has all the features and integrations you need to make your online business successful.

Its low-cost subscription plans and single, lifetime payment option makes it accessible for everyone, no matter their budget. With GrooveKart’s accessible drag-and-drop features, unlimited stores, free online store setup and management tools, and access to advanced marketing strategies and a tech support team, there’s no reason you shouldn’t use GrooveKart for your online business. At the very least, GrooveKart is worth trying today.

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