GrooveAffiliate Review: Build Your Own Affiliate Program

GrooveAffiliate review - Get started with GrooveAffiliate today.

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Affiliate marketing is a popular and effective way to get your business in front of tens of thousands more people; if you do it right, it can be a great way to make money. Do you enjoy affiliate marketing but want more control over how you run it? Read this GrooveAffiliate review to learn how to start your affiliate program today.

GrooveFunnels’ cloud-based affiliate management and marketing platform, GrooveAffiliate, allows you to create your own affiliate program.

Whether you are selling physical or digital goods, GrooveAffiliate lets you start promoting and managing all of your affiliates so that your sales continue to grow.

The best part is that GrooveFunnels offers a free account, so you can try the platform risk-free. In addition, you can easily create custom ads, support membership sites, make social media posts, track sales conversions, review statistics, and set up commissions quickly with their intuitive dashboard.

This article will provide an in-depth review of GrooveAffiliate’s features and how it can help you grow your business.

Key Statistic: More than 25% of brands utilize bloggers in their affiliate marketing campaigns.

What is GrooveAffiliate?

You can use a cloud-based affiliate management platform to create affiliate programs for digital and physical products. The platform also has advanced affiliate tracking capabilities; the structure of GrooveAffiliate is simple yet comprehensive.

You can manage all aspects of your affiliate program from the main dashboard, including setting up campaigns, tracking conversions, reviewing statistics, and creating commissions.

GrooveAffiliate Review – Pros and Cons

GrooveAffiliate pros and cons

Every app has its advantages and disadvantages. With GrooveAffiliate, you can easily create a robust affiliate program to grow your business without much fuss.

On the other hand, the free trial period is limited, and you won’t be able to access all of the features that GrooveAffiliate offers.

Here’s a more detailed list of GrooveAffiliate’s pros and cons.


  • Create unlimited affiliate programs around your business.
  • Produce promotional resources such as email templates, blog posts, articles, and banners for your affiliates.
  • To test the effectiveness of your sales page’s EPCs and conversions, you can create landing pages and sales funnels specifically for that purpose.
  • The platform enables affiliates to gather leads through email marketing.
  • You can generate leaderboards for affiliate partners during product launches and include bonuses in special events.
  • Increase the commission rates for affiliates who are performing well.
  • You can get comprehensive reports on your transactions, sub-affiliates, earnings, and payment history.
  • GrooveAffiliate is available for both a free plan and paid plan.


  • There are only manual affiliate payout options for now.
  • No communication hub on the GrooveAffiliate dashboard.

Why Use GrooveAffiliate?

GrooveFunnels’ cloud-based affiliate management platform, GrooveAffiliate, is designed for digital marketers who want more control over their affiliate program. The app is for anyone who wants more transparency and control over their own link opportunities and access to higher commissions for themselves.

Manage your own affiliate army

Manage your own affiliate army

Managing your own affiliate programs can be challenging, but with GrooveAffiliate, it’s easier than ever. You can create custom ads, track sales conversions, review statistics, and set up commissions quickly with their intuitive dashboard.

Create as many custom campaigns as you need to meet the needs of your target audience. With the simple dashboard and its organization, anyone can easily manage their second-tier affiliate army.

Build excitement and engagement around your products

When you use GrooveAffiliate, building engagement around your products is easier. You can track every sale that results from your campaigns and review the performance of the sales generated by each affiliate. Plus, you can reward your top-performing affiliates with special commissions and bonuses.

Create an effective marketing strategy

Those familiar with affiliate marketing know converting leads into sales takes an effective strategy. With GrooveAffiliate, you can set up custom campaigns, track conversions, and review performance. You can also build unique and effective promotional material using assets like:

  • Blog Reviews
  • Banners
  • Thank You Page Ads
  • Social Media
  • Facebook Ads
  • Video Reviews

In addition to the advanced tracking capabilities, GrooveAffiliate also makes it easy to set up commission structures that incentivize your affiliates.

The freedom to create a high-paying affiliate program

The freedom to create a high-paying affiliate program

GrooveAffiliate, as part of the app suite, has a free account so that you can test out the platform without any risk. With GrooveAffiliate, you can have the freedom to create a high-paying affiliate program for your business. With the GrooveAffiliate app, you can set special incentives to generate healthy competition among all your affiliates.

Host affiliate contests

GrooveAffiliate also makes it easy to host affiliate contests and offer rewards to your top-performing affiliates. This is a great way to drive more sales and motivate your affiliates. You can even set up custom leaderboards.

Learn and use a simple system for maximum ROI

Whether you want to launch a new affiliate program or optimize your existing one, GrooveAffiliate is the perfect tool. It’s a simple yet powerful system that can help you, an affiliate marketer, maximize your ROI and drive more sales.

Little investment for a higher reward

As a free member of GrooveAffiliate, you get a straightforward dashboard with intuitive step-by-step design frameworks. You can quickly set up and manage every aspect of your affiliate program using the Groove platform. Plus, you’ll get lifetime access to Groove’s extensive library of proven and tested marketing strategies, all with little to know much investment.

GrooveAffiliate Key Features

GrooveAffiliate is an affiliate marketing app, similar to many others, except it functions like 4 or 5 separate apps merged into one. Because of GrooveAffiliate’s design, you get access to these powerful apps all in one place for free, and there is no limit to the number of affiliates you can manage. Let’s look over GrooveAffiliate’s features.

Simple, intuitive affiliate dashboard

GrooveAffiliate’s platform is intuitive; anyone can get up and running in about an hour. Plus, the dashboard is designed to be user-friendly, so you can manage your affiliates and review performance without any hassle. Switch perspectives and go deeper into your strategy to find the best way to optimize your program.

Separate Vendor and Affiliate dashboards for better organization

Separate Vendor and Affiliate dashboards for better organization

GrooveAffiliate has two separate dashboards: one for vendors and one for affiliates. The vendor dashboard allows you to manage your affiliate program, set up commission structures, create promotional materials and assets, and more.

The affiliate dashboard separates your affiliate structure and all parts of it into separate sections that you can easily access and manage them.

Users can view each part of their program and determine when and where improvements should be made. For newcomers, an affiliate program can be a lot to master, but GrooveAffiliate provides the best way to learn quickly and navigate your program like a pro.

With the vendor dashboard, you can:

  • Use Quick Links – Quick Links help to make more efficient use of your time by navigating between core parts of your program. For example, look at your dedicated funnels, products, and reports, manage your affiliates, check out performance data, view your client list, create and edit checkout forms, and even create new funnels.
  • Access Your Affiliate Toolset – Use the dashboard menu to navigate between your affiliate portal, leaderboards, coupons, tracking links, and page tracking.
  • View Your Funnels – Quickly review your funnel library to review all of the funnels you’ve created and see their performance metrics in real-time. Create new funnels and view partner contracts from the same page.

Seamless integration with GrooveSell functionality

GrooveAffiliate also comes with seamless integration with GrooveSell. This means that you can easily track the sales of your products through GrooveSell and have those sales data automatically synced and compiled with GrooveAffiliate’s reporting system. This ensures you always have accurate tracking and performance data to review to make better decisions for promoting Groove and your affiliate program.

GrooveSell: Detailed affiliate management dashboard

GrooveSell’s dashboard allows vendors to manage their products and build an affiliate program.

Let’s touch on GrooveSell’s specific features below:

  • Affiliate Performance – based on each product funnel you create through, you can view detailed performance stats, including the number of sales, their name and username, refund amounts, and total revenue generated.
  • Reporting – GrooveSell provides detailed insight and reports on your products, sales funnels, net profit earned, customers acquired, and affiliates recruited. In addition, you can filter your results based on all transactions, funds, or suspected fraud events.
  • Groove Affiliate Assist – With GrooveAffiliate, you can gain new affiliate signups. Once they become customers through your referral link, Groove Affiliate Assist will automatically set up their affiliate accounts for easy onboarding and management.
  • Customers – Have access to a clean and organized customer database where you can view their contact information, activities, notes, and subscription status.
  • Checkout Forms – Users can manage their checkout links, create new ones with custom settings, and view prices and total revenue generated from each form. Users must have a working product funnel first.

Access to promotions and your affiliate link

Access to promotions and your affiliate link

GrooveAffiliate also provides access to a promotional link library that you create. This free plan lets you quickly create and share promotional links for your affiliates to advertise your products. GrooveAffiliate also serves as your access point for affiliate links and promotional methods, such as their lifetime upgrade link.

Here you can see how many impressions, signups, sales, and commissions you’ve earned by marketing and selling memberships.

Access to paid assets for marketing in the app’s marketplace

Access to paid assets for marketing in the app's marketplace

GrooveAffiliate also provides access to a marketplace of paid marketing tools your affiliates can use. You can easily add new paid assets to the marketplace or even join affiliate programs from other affiliate marketers in the world.

Free reporting dashboard

Collecting data is important for any affiliate program, and GrooveAffiliate has a free reporting dashboard that provides you with all the information you need about your affiliates.

GrooveAffiliate Pricing

GrooveAffiliate Pricing - Premium+ Lifetime

Since GrooveAffiliate is part of a suite of marketing apps, all the software falls under the same pricing structure. The Lite Plan is a free Groove account that is accessible forever. However, you can get more value from Groove by investing in paid plans. Users will get the best deal by upgrading to the Premium+ lifetime account; it’s just a single payment.

GrooveFunnels Pricing is live but subject to change at any moment as Groove is still in the BETA stage. The available plans are: Lite, Start Up, Creator, Pro, Premium, and Premium+ Lifetime.

If you need to play around with all of Groove’s excellent features, the Start-Up Plan is the best choice for a low-cost, all-inclusive plan considering what Groove offers users. GrooveAffiliate is also available for a Lifetime+ monthly plan where you can lock in your monthly price forever.

GrooveFunnels Pricing is live but subject to change at any moment as Groove is still in the BETA stage. The available plans are: Lite, Start Up, Creator, Pro, Premium, and Premium+ Lifetime.

GrooveAffiliate Help and Support

Groove’s weak point is customer support; the platform offers a basic knowledge base and tutorials. In addition, there isn’t reliable email or phone support. Having a customer support system is essential for creating good user experiences.

Fortunately, there’s another option.

As avid Groove users, our GrooveFunnels.Reviews team offers free GrooveAffiliate tutorials. Simply sign up for today using the links on this page and let us know by submitting the Get Started form, and we’ll reach out to schedule your initial training. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

How to Start Your Own Groovefunnels Affiliate Program Today

If you want to start your journey with GrooveAffiliate, getting started is simple and easy. All you need to do is sign up for a free GrooveFunnels account. After signing up, you can create a complete GrooveAffiliate program for free while exploring’s other integrated apps.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

1) Sign up for a GrooveFunnels account and log in.

2) You’ll start at the Groove Home Dashboard, where you can use the quick links to access the GrooveSell app. To create your affiliate program, go to the ‘GrooveAffiliate’ tab in the left-hand menu.

3) You’ll need to set up a GrooveFunnels/GroovePages system before you can create content for an affiliate program.

4) Once you’ve set up your system, you can go to the GrooveSell tab and click on your new product funnel to manage each aspect individually.

5) Fill in all the details required for each part of your affiliate system to the best of your ability and make adjustments later.

6) Invite affiliates to join your program and target the right audience. You can use online and offline marketing techniques to draw more traffic, and potential customers, set up email campaigns, and attract more affiliates into your program.

7) Finally, monitor the progress of your affiliate program and adjust as needed.

Once you’ve created your program, you can start accepting affiliates and giving them affiliate links to your products or any other products you decide to promote with GrooveAffiliate. Managing your affiliate program can be challenging, but with GrooveAffiliate, you’ll have access to all the tools you need to run a successful program that will bring in more revenue.

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